Two Groans and a Grin

One of the things I really like about psalms is that everything is there. In real life we go through all sorts of emotions. We have time periods in our life when everything is going well and we are on cloud nine and then we have times when everything seems to be falling apart and we are struggling with the whole world. 

We find that today within the three psalms that we are reading. The first two are two classic psalms of lament. A lament is a passionate expression of grief or sorrow. If we were putting the psalms together, psalms 43 and 44 would really go with psalm 42. These three psalms are written at a time when the favor of God had seemed to leave Israel and the people are crying out in lament that they do not see God and feel hopeless. I like these psalms, because they express for me real life. I also like that psalms 43 and 44 are followed by psalm 45. 

 Psalm 45 is a psalm of celebration for the wedding of one of the sons of King David. It is a psalm that celebrates God’s favor and even looks ahead prophetically at the future King to come (namely Jesus Christ). 

 As you read these psalms today think about the times in your life when God seems to have left the building and how that feels, also take time to think about those times when you have experienced the full presence of God. 

 Read: Psalms 43, 44, and 45

Questions to Consider:

1.    Read Psalm 43:2 and then think about a time in your life where you felt that God has tossed you aside. What did that feel like? How did you express your pain to God?

2.    How does the psalmist end psalm 43? How does this put the lament into perspective? 

Activity for the Day:   Take time to rewrite Psalm 43:5 into your own words for today. Make this verse a prayer for today. However you may be feeling, lift up to God your hope in Him and praise Him for where you see Him at work in your life. 


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