To Gain the Whole World

As I mentioned yesterday, we have been in a section of psalms that are not laments.  Today you will be reading a wisdom psalm, a community hymn of thanksgiving and then you will be back into the laments.  Today and then again this weekend I am going to focus on Psalm 49. 

Psalm 49 asks a question that focuses on a topic we have talked about before, “Why should I fear when trouble comes, when enemies surround me?”  We have been talking a bit about fear as we have moved through the psalms and I have been sharing about my own personal struggle with fear, you know, the monster under my bed and all that.  Well, in this case the answer seems to be that people are trusting in money and possessions over God.  It is true that money seems to be able to drive out fear, after all money did buy the night light that kept the monsters away when I was a child, but is money where we put our hope and trust?  And as you will see in the psalm, where does money get us at the end of our lives?  

Read: Psalms 49, 50, and 51

Questions to Consider:

1.    In the past I was known to comfort myself with retail therapy.  Sometimes I comfort myself with food.  When trouble comes where to you go for comfort?  

2.    When we are afraid Jesus is where we should go for comfort, what stops you from going to Jesus for comfort?  

3.    How can you grow in your relationship with Jesus, so you feel more comfortable going to him for comfort?  

Activity for the Day:   Pray about, ask yourself and consider your answer to Wesley’s Question: Do I pray about the money I spend?  


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