My Refuge

I have often spoke of our cabin in Georgia, it is our refuge.  I love to go there, it is a place where I feel close to God.  It is a place where I feel safe from trouble of the world.  Whenever my husband and I jump in the truck and start driving north I can just start to feel the weight of the world start to lift off my shoulders.  It is a wonderful thing.  All the stress in my life starts to disappear.  I know that when my feet hit that red Georgia clay that I am in for a few days of sleeping in, time in the great outdoors and deep connection with my Creator.  However, I can also feel the same way when just sitting on back porch.  Because, it is not really the place that is my refuge by God who is my refuge.  

Today you will be reading Psalms 55, 56 and 57 and then I will see you in the video to talk about Psalm 57.  

Read: Psalms 55, 56, and 57

Questions to Consider:

1.    In what things or places have you sought refuge?  

2.    Have you ever had a time when you felt like you were being surrounded by fierce lions?  

3.    How can you work to seek refuge in God when you need help? 

Activity for the Day:  This is a prayer for help, do you know anyone who could use some help today?  If you do go ahead and help them.  


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