A Psalm in Three Acts

I really enjoyed taking a deeper dive into Psalm 65 and I am adding it to my short list of my favorite psalms.  I just thinks it paints and ever expanding, ever growing, more and more beautiful picture of our God and how our God provides everything we need.  In the first act we see God providing forgiveness for us.  In the second act we see a God of power, we can protect us from everything that we fear, a God we can trust.  Finally in the third act, we see a God of abundance who provides enough for the whole world.  And of course, stitched through these three acts, are a call to praise God, to sing and shout to for joy for all of these wonderful things that have been provided for us.  

Enjoy your reading for the day and I will see you in the video.  

Read: Psalms 64, 65, and 66

Questions to Consider:

1.    In all of your Psalms reading so far which ones have been your favorite?  Why? 

2.    What things has God provided for you? 

Activity for the Day:   Write a prayer of praise and joy.  Use this prayer tomorrow to start your day.  


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