Lack of Sleep

Do you ever have trouble sleeping? I do. I can’t fall asleep sometimes and so I’ll read, I’ll walk around, I’ll watch T.V. and finally I’ll go back to bed. It is a family curse. It happened to my mom and it happens to my children. Normally, I can’t sleep because I have things running around my mind over and over. I’m solving problems, I’m working out plans but by morning, unfortunately, all my mental work is forgotten. Maybe you have never had trouble sleeping, but the fact is that our bodies need to sleep and rest. The Psalmist writing Psalm 77 has trouble sleeping as he wonders if God is listening. I’ve been there. I’ve asked questions, just like the Psalmist did, questions for which I have no answers. Do you ever ask God questions that have no answers? Sometimes through all these questions, doubt and fear begin to enter my heart. I love the Psalmist resolution… “And then I recalled… then I remembered your mighty works.” It is in recalling the nature of God that we can find rest. It is in knowing that nothing can separate us from the love of God that we are able to rest in peace regardless of the troubles that surround us. Today, whether you’re having trouble sleeping or not, I invite you to rest by recounting the goodness of God. Pay attention to the small details. The rain and the sun patterns. The birds in the air. The flowers in the field. A friend who gives you a call. A neighbor who waves as she walks by. God’s goodness never runs dry, we sometimes just forget and need to “remember.” May you sleep peacefully tonight as you recount God’s goodness.

Read: Psalms 76, 77, and 78

Questions to Consider:

  1. Do you recall times you have literally cried out to God? Have circumstances changed? 
  2. How do you feel knowing others have also had similar situations?
  3. Have you ever had a time when you cannot “stop thinking about God’s mighty works?” What is that like?

Activity for the Day: Before you go to sleep, think of one good thing God has done for you today. Place your head on your pillow. Say “Thank you Lord!” three times. Sleep well!  


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