Standing Through it All

Book Four, here we come!  Psalm 90 starts this fourth book and praise be, book four is mostly a book of praise!  However, there are two prayers for help in book four and Psalm 90 just happens to be one of those.  Not to mention that to get to Psalm 90 you will need to read the quite lengthy Psalm 89.  

I often talk about when I got mad at God and walked out on God.  I talk about how there were some bad things happening in my life then and those things kind of knocked me off my feet.  After a while God and I patched things up and our relationship has grown.  However, since then, since the bad things happened that knocked me off my feet, well, some ever worse things have happened.  Some of the things that have happened in the last five years make the things that knocked me down before seem silly.  However, I was able to stand through it all.  However, I am not going to lie, there were moments that were struggles, where I called out to God to take pity on me.  This prayer today in Psalm 90, this prayer for help, lifts God up, as mighty, powerful, timeless and full of mystery, but also affirms that this same God who is mighty, powerful, timeless and full of mystery, is also the author of love and joy.  

Read: Psalms 88, 89, and 90

Questions to Consider:

  1. The psalm says “let our children see your glory”.  How have you shown your own children or grandchildren or other children who are connected in your life the glory of God?  
  2. How has God helped to make your efforts successful?  

Activity for the Day:   In your life how have your grown in wisdom?  Write in your journal on this topic.  How has God’s hand been in this? 


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