Fruit of Your Labor

Happy Wednesday to everyone.  So I have a confession to make.  Today when you watch the video I will not be out on my front porch, I will not have curly hair and I will not be in my regular outfit because I nearly forgot to write and film the devotion for today.  When you watch the video I will explain the reason I nearly forgot.  In the meantime let’s talk a little about the psalms for today.  We are still in the Songs of Ascents.  The first two psalms speak a lot about matters of the home and having God at the center.  They both go together well.  They both are clearly speaking to men, so ladies we will have to read them from that perspective.  They also speak highly of having a household of children, so for those who chose or could not have children these psalms might be a little uncomfortable.  However, there are other themes in the psalms that I am going to talk about in my video.  See you after the reading. 

Read: Psalms 127, 128, and 129

Questions to Consider:

  1. What seeds have been planted in your life by others? 
  2. What seeds have you planted in the lives of others? 
  3. How have the fruits of your labors and the labors of others turned out? 

Activity for the Day:  Do something this week that will plant a new seed in the life of a person.  Then tend to that seed and watch the fruit of your labor grow.    


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