The Last Psalm of David

We are coming to the end.  In fact tomorrow is the end.  Today I want to talk about Psalm 145.  It is speculated that psalm 145 was the original ending of the Psalter.  You will find psalms 146 to 150 to be a wonderful doxological closing, possibly added later in history. 

Psalm 145 is an important psalm for the Jewish people.  It appears in the Jewish prayer book more than any other psalm.  There is also evidence that it was encourage that this psalm was to be recited, like the shema (Deut. 6:4-5) three times a day.  It clearly is a hymn of praise and is beautiful.  Enjoy reading it and the first two of the closing psalms of the Psalter.  I will see you in the video!

Read: Psalms 145, 146, and 147

Questions to Consider:

  1. List what you think are the characteristics of God.  Have you seen these in your lives or in the lives of others?   
  2. What has been your favorite thing about the Psalm Study?
  3. What had been your least favorite thing about the Psalm Study?

Activity for the Day:  Review your journal from the study.  Review your favorite psalms.  Consider posting some of your favorite on your bathroom mirror or on the door to your garage so you can read them in the morning or evening or on your way from your home.    


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