It’s Not About the Shoes

This morning on Facebook I did a little online devotion and I talked about how I once ran a half-marathon. Well actually, I once ran two half-marathons. You have to watch the video to hear the story or the half-marathon, it is a little long, but I think it is a good story. So, I invite you to watch the video to hear the story and then read the little bit that I have to say below and to see the photos that go along with the story. Enjoy.

So one thing that I meant to say in the video but didn’t say, was that at the bad point in the race, all the things that I had didn’t really help me at all. The shoes, the fancy socks, the neat clothes, all the hours of reading I had done on running a half-marathon, none of those things really helped me. Just like when the people from Psalm 121 would look up to the mountains. None of those “idols” that they could find on the mountains could really help them. The only things that would help me when everything went bad was my relationship with Baylee. The same is true for our relationship with Jesus. When things get bad, all those “idols” those things that we put our hope in don’t really do us a bit of good, it all comes down to our relationship with Jesus. I hope that you are able to do something today to deepen your relationship with Jesus.

One response to “It’s Not About the Shoes”

  1. What a great analogy Kristen. Thank you for sharing it.


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