Sarah’s Turn to Fail

Yesterday Abraham was the failure and today it is Sarah’s turn.  In today’s reading you will read about Sarah giving her Egyptian servant, Hagar to Abraham for him to sleep with because Sarah couldn’t have children.  You will then read about Sarah becoming jealous with Hagar.  About Sarah and Abraham getting in a fight and Abraham blaming the whole mess on Sarah.  And them Sarah being so mean to Hagar when she becomes pregnant that poor Hagar is forced to run away.  Then in the wilderness Hagar comes across a spring and an angel of the LORD speaks to her and convinces her to go back to all that mess. 

So, have fun reading that soap opera of a Bible passage and I will see you in the video.

Read: Genesis 16

Questions to Consider:

  1. What does it mean to you when you read Hagar’s words “You are the God who sees me.”
  2. No second question today, just an activity, go out for a walk and consider that God sees you.  Think about if you have somethings you need to talk about with God.  Spend the time well. 

Prayer:  God, we are not always at our best.  Sometimes we hurt and then we hurt others.  Help us to always try and work in the lives of others in positive ways, not negative ways.  We are thankful that you are the God who sees us and also the God who sees others.  Thank you for hearing our prayers.  Amen. 


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