Go Big or Go Home!

Sarah and Abraham both struggled with their call to be the couple from whom God would produce his nation, mainly, as we have seen, because of their age. They simply could not put their minds around having a child at their advanced age!

I have become convinced that God loves to do things that are much bigger than we could ever imagine. God does this so that we know that it is God doing the work and not us. Almost twenty years when I was beginning the process of launching my Coffee Pub ministry one of my church members sent me a card that said: “Attempt something large enough that failure is guaranteed…  unless God steps in.” 

That card came on a day when everything was going wrong and the crazy idea that God had placed in my head to start a coffee shop as a church seemed like the idea of a nut! I can remember reading the card and having the realization come back to me that the call of starting a coffee shop was God’s idea and not mine. If it was God’s idea then it was God’s to decide if it would fail or if it would succeed.  

That day I gave the Coffee Pub back over to God and I praise God that today this ministry, now called RedEye is still going strong in Tallahassee, Florida and that many lives have been impacted around the world because I was faithful to follow God, even when the path seemed like a path towards failure.  

Read: Genesis 17

Questions to Consider:

  1. What is God calling you to do that is beyond what you could ever imagine on your own?
  2. Could God, even at your age, ask you to do something for him?
  3. What is keeping you from launching out into God’s call?

Prayer: Lord help us to learn from Sarah to always be ready to do something bigger than ourselves for you. Help us to live our whole lives with hearts open to whatever new mission you bring our way and help us to step out in faith as we follow you. Amen.


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