Happy Tuesday!   Did you start watching The Chosen?  I hope you have.  It is amazing.  Yesterday our Bible passage helped us to be introduced to the Pharisees, today we are going to look at another group of religious leaders, the Sadducees.  Then on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we will get down to the business of looking at what the Bible tells us of the like of Nicodemus. 

For today’s passage we have jumped out of the Gospels and into the Book of Acts.  The scene you will find is Paul before the High Council.  In the passage you will see that Paul is able to divide the council and cause them to argue among themselves because he knows the difference in a Sadducee and a Pharisee.  So, let’s read the passage and then meet in the video.  See you soon. 

Read: Acts 23:1-11

Questions to Consider:

  1. No questions, just watch The Chosen. 

Prayer: God of Wonders, today is a new day, a chance to learn something new. Help us to always be a people ready to discover and learn new things, a people ready to hear from you and to learn. Amen.


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