Many of you may know that I have a dog named LD.  He is a great dog and we love him so much.  However, he has one minor defect, he get car sick.  And when I say he gets car sick, I mean he gets really carsick.  I am talking he vomits in the first mile of a trip and on a long trip we can count on him vomiting at least three to six times.  It is really a joy to travel with him.  We have tried everything and nothing makes it better.  This means when we leave to go on a long car trip we know exactly what thing we need to take with us in the car to clean up all of his messes.  I have become an expert at packing for trips with LD.  I know exactly what I need to take for him in the car and I usually don’t take anything extra. That is also how I pack for other things, I take exactly what I need and I usually don’t take anything extra.  Extra things mean someone has to carry more, or there is less space, or more things to lose. 

Today in your reading you are going to read about when the people of Israel were celebrating after crossing the Red Sea.  However, if you move backwards in the story to when they were leaving Egypt they did have to do some packing.  I wonder what they packed.  Did they take any extra thing or did they take only exactly what they needed?

Read: Exodus 15:20-21

Questions to Consider:

  1. What can you celebrate today?
  2. Challenge yourself to find something to celebrate each day for the rest of this study.  Note down each day what you will be paying your tambourine for. 

Prayer: Lord, help me to have a joyful heart.  Help me to find things each day to celebrate.  Amen.


Bonus video…it is not after the Red Sea, it is before, but this is Miriam’s Song from the Prince of Egypt. Same celebration vibe. 🙂 Enjoy!

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