The Great Commission

I am still fired up from our service on Sunday, are you?  I think it was just good to do something different.  We have been stuck in the same old routine and it was good to get out of that routine. 

When the women found the empty tomb on that first Easter morning their routine would never be the same again.  Later, as Jesus stood with the disciples on the mountain, he told them to go into the world and make disciples and to baptize them.  The world would never be the same, the routine of things would never be the same. 

As the years, decades, centuries went by the church would fall into routine and then fall out of routine.  Different routines that involved the sacraments of the church.  I invite you to read the scripture for today and then join me in the video for a brief explanation of why the United Methodist Church only has two sacraments. 

Read: Matthew 28

Questions to Consider:

  1. What church tradition do you come from?  How many sacraments did your tradition celebrate?   
  2. Have you done anything this year to make disciples of Jesus Christ? 
  3. What is something you could do to make disciples of Jesus Christ? 

Prayer: God of Wonder, we love you and want to do the things you have asked us to do.  Help us to see the things that are important.  Help us to see other people with your eyes and to love others as you love them.  Help us to show others your heart.  Amen. 


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