Sharing Our Stories: December 10

Writer’s Name: Tom Gilbert

Writer’s Ministry: Chair of Lead Team

Assigned Text: Luke 1:26-38

Word of the Week: Hope

My favorite time of year is Christmas! I can’t remember a Christmas I was more anxious for, than this year… 2020. By far this has been the most unusual year in my life and I’m guessing yours too. For me, Christmas represents Hope for all humanity as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and remember the promise that God sent him to save us. It also is a time to be with family and friends, to enjoy life and focus on the important things in life and we really need that after this year.

The Christmas story focuses on the birth of our Savior but prior to his birth, Luke tells us that Mary was visited by the Angel Gabriel who told her she had found favor with God, that she would give birth to the Son of God. Can you imagine what went through her mind? How scared and confused she must have been? Here she is a virgin, engaged to a man and told by an Angel she’ll become pregnant and give birth to the Son of the Highest! Talk about a challenging time in a person’s life. Clearly Mary was filled with hope in that moment as she replied “I am the Lords servant. May everything you have said about me come true.” And it did! 

I believe this challenging year of 2020 is a prelude to better things. That God will use the difficulties we are going through for good. Just as he promised. As we continue to live through life’s challenges, my hope is that we will remember all year long God’s promises are kept and that His word will never fail.

Daily Prayer: Heavenly Father, blessed be your name. Help us to always remember your promise to never fail or forsake us. Thank you for sending your Son to fulfill your promise and may we always trust in you. Amen.

Discussion/Reflection Questions:

  1. Do you see Christmas differently this year?
  2. Have you experienced a challenging time when you totally trusted God, like Mary?
  3. Have you seen a situation when God turned a challenging time into something good?

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