Friday, March 5, 2021 – Fountain of Living Water

Read: John 7:32-52

Today’s reading finds Jesus still at the Feast of the Tabernacles still. I think it is important for us to understand what this festival is all about. It is also known as Sukkot and is still celebrated today by Jews. Take a moment to watch this fun little video about Sukkot or the Festival of the Tabernacles.

In my video I am going to say a little more about the Festival, but I also would like you to take a moment to watch this Bible Project video about the Water of Life. After that I will see you in my video. Enjoy!

Questions to Consider:

  1. We having Living Water bubbling up inside of us, a gift from Jesus, the Holy Spirit filling us.  How is the Holy Spirit moving inside you, moving you to bring life, joy and thanksgiving into this world? 
  2. We have been praying the Prayer of Jabez for a few weeks now, is the Holy Spirit speaking to you, flowing inside you?  It is okay if you are not hearing anything, keep on praying.  If you are hearing the Spirit move what is the Spirit saying?  Write about this? 

So What Activity:  As we explore images of new life, light and living water it is a wonderful time to get outside and do some gardening.  Do you have some plants in your yard that need some care?  Do you have some areas of the yard that need some new landscaping?  Maybe you are thinking a little smaller and just need a new houseplant.  I encourage you to bring some new life into your or around your home to help remind you of the life giving power of Jesus. 


Sermon starts at 35:00 – If you are interested in having a review on the Hallel – Just for fun.

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