Monday, March 15, 2021 – Love’s Extravagance

Today we turn a corner and we begin to walk through the Passion Week—the final chapter in the mission of Jesus. It is significant that John spends almost half of his gospel on the final week of Jesus’ life and ministry. John recognizes that this is the culmination of all of Jesus’ ministry on earth. Jesus has come to set the people (all people) free from the bonds of enslavement to our sin and our narcissism. Through the events of Holy Week Jesus finishes the mission to finally liberate all of humanity, if we receive his gift of life.

As you read the story today think about what was going through Jesus’ mind and heart as he prepared for this final week. Have you ever been preparing for some big event? What did it feel like for you? Think about your own life and the anxiety and apprehension that goes through your inner being right before the event you have been working for, and then think about the events that Jesus is walking into with full knowledge of what will happen. As you contemplate this think about the amazing extravagant love it would take for someone to knowingly choose such a course and then remember that this course was taken for you. 

Read: John 12:1-19

Questions to Consider:

  1. How does the act of Mary express the total love that she had for Jesus? How could you express that love today?
  2. When Jesus says to leave her alone, as she is preparing for my burial, what do you think those in the room thought? With the knowledge we have of hearing the story after the fact, how can we view the events of this week differently.

So What Activity:   Reflect on the extent of Jesus’ love for all humanity to go through the events of the passion week. Spend some time prayerfully thanking Him for this love and think about your own life and how you are faithfully living into the gift of Jesus’ love for you.


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