Wednesday, March 17, 2021 – Serving – Washing the Disciples’ Feet

Most of us are very familiar with today’s scripture. Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. From commentaries we read, we know that this was a regular practice in first century Palestine. The streets were dusty, crowded, and dirty. Most people wore sandals and while you had bathed and cleaned yourself, by the time you arrived for dinner, your feet were covered with dirt, maybe sores, and who knows what else. A lowly servant was always available with a bucket of water to clean everyone’s feet so they could recline at the table to enjoy dinner. 

Every time I read our passage, I am struck by the sharp contrast between vs. 3 & 4 (you may have to read it twice so you don’t miss it). In vs. 3 we are told that Jesus knew that all authority and power had been given to him. What do most of us do when authority and power are given to us? We lead, we direct, we put on our CEO hat. Yet Jesus, knowing he had all this authority and power, grabbed an apron, a towel, and a bucket of water and began to wash feet. No wonder when he is done, he asks the disciples in vs. 12, “Do you understand what I was doing?” This is such an oxymoron. The one who has the most power and authority is the one who kneels down to do the most menial task making others feel comfortable. How do we live this out today? Maybe, it is by giving the best seat in the house to someone else, waiting to be the last one to serve our meal, or simply to see that everyone has what they need before we sit down? Can you think of other ways? In the end Jesus says, “Now that you know these things, God will bless you for doing them.” We are praying that God will bless Lake Deaton UMC, we also know how to receive that blessing, by blessing others!

Read: John 13:1-20

Questions to Consider:

  1. Do you see the contrast in those two verses, vs. 3 & 4? 
  2. Do you know someone that has acted in the way that Jesus did?

So What Activity:  Is there something, maybe something menial, you can do today to bless someone that works or serves under you? Make a commitment to serve them in the manner of Jesus.


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