Tuesday, March 30, 2021 – Holy Week

As we continue in Holy Week and our flashback of the Gospel of John today we find ourselves back with Nicodemus and Jesus.  A while back some wonderful people in our church family encouraged me to watch The Chosen.  If you have not watched it yet, well, you really should.  Season 1 is wonderful and I hear that season 2, episode 1 will be releasing on Easter Sunday, with one episode per week after that.  So today, there is no video from me, just a video snip-it from the Chosen, one of my favorites, when Jesus and Nicodemus meet for their late night chat.  Enjoy. 

Read: John 3:1-21

So What Activity:   Watch all of season 1 of The Chosen.  You can watch it on YouTube, PureFlix or on The Chosen App. 


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