Witness: Thursday, December 2, 2021

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Witnesses: JulieAnn and Ken Davis

Scripture: Matthew 5 – The Sermon on the Mount – The Beatitudes

Weekly Theme: Hope


When we are sent out on a disaster with our Emergency Response Team (ERT), we never know what we will find.  It could be anything from tarping roofs, chain sawing trees or picking up debris. An ERT Mission normally lasts 5 days.

We have done Disaster Recovery through UMCOR, which is different from ERT.  In Disaster Recovery you  stay more than a week.  Julie and I would typically stay 6 weeks to 3 months at a site. Much of our work has been rebuilding homes since Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast.  Our previous pastor had given his review of what he saw and did.  It was heart breaking and we decided this was what we wanted to do to help people.  

Until you have been in this situation and looked into those eyes, you cannot fathom the depth of their pain.  You do not realize what it does to them or to you.

We were blessed with the many families that we have helped since 2005, but there were two that have really touched us and we continue our friendship to this day.  One was an elderly lady (called the “pecan pie” lady because she made mini pecan pies for a local restaurant), whose inside of her house was totally washed away.  When we arrived, she threw her arms around us with tears rolling down her face and all she could say was, “Jesus you sent me two angels, thank you, Jesus.”  Wow!  How can you not be affected by this?  

Ernest and Callee were the other couple that we were blessed to be part of their lives.  Although Ernest was on oxygen, he worked side by side with us, helping rebuild his home.   He continuously helped those around him before he thought of himself.

It is people like this who are overwhelmed, tired, and don’t feel anyone cares.  Their faith was tested and they persevered… waiting.  And it affected us – seeing such a strong woman and man who never lost faith.  It was like Mary putting her faith and trust in God to carry Jesus for us.  

Daily Prayer:  Dear Lord, create in me a clean heart so that I may see those in need.  And bless those that are the “poor in spirit”, “those who mourn” and those who “hunger and thirst” for your word – for they shall be comforted and filled with your love.  We know it is in your time, not ours, so give us the patience to accept this.  We do this in your precious name.  Amen.

Discussion/Reflection Questions:

  1. Why does it take Jesus so long to help those that are in need?  
  2. How can you describe the feeling of loneliness, destitution, fear?
  3. What can you do to those that need help?

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