Lenten Study – March 11

1 Corinthians 6

So, what did you think of Chapter 6 of Corinthians? Let me share with you, I believe that Paul really loved this little church. He had been there to plant this church and it probably began with a small group of people. Then the message of the gospel of Jesus, the one who had come to set the captives free, to give eternal life, and to offer a new way of living – Kingdom of God like, began to spread. The little church grew and as it is common in our time, problems and conflict arose among them. In our humanity problems and differences are part of who we are. The issue is how do we resolve those. Paul was long gone from this church when he was told of the fighting and other issues going on in this beloved church. He wrote this letter with love and sorrow challenging the new believers to find the courage to live differently. I know that today we might in some ways resemble the church in Corinth, but we might not in other ways. The heart of the matter is that we would seek God in how we conduct our day-to-day living. Paul summarized it by saying in vs. 11a, “But you were cleansed; you were made holy; you were made right with God…” Friends of Lake Deaton, you were cleansed, you were made holy…. You were made right with God. So, we need to live differently than the culture around us. This is not difficult. We seek God in prayer, in worship, in the reading of God’s word and the Holy Spirit will guide us in living right with God. So, let us not get confused about how we should live. Let us trust the Holy Spirit to show us how to live rightly with God. Be of good Courage!

Reflection Questions:

  1. Do you remember fighting with your siblings or cousins or friends when you were young? Who was the mediator? How did you solve issues? Why is it harder to resolve issues now?
  2. Do you live your life like you were cleansed, made holy, made right with God? If Yes, Praise God. If not, confess ask for forgiveness and seek to live in peace with God.

So What Activity: 

Today, write a card for the person who was the mediator (or write in a journal if they have passed on.) You can also give them a call and just say thank you for helping you learn to live in peace with others.


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