Lenten Study – March 28

Happy Monday, everyone!  Today we start the Gospel of Mark, and right away, we find Jesus getting busy doing ministry.  He travels to Capernaum with his new disciples to preach the Good News.  I have shared a few photos of when I was in the Holy Land and visited Capernaum.  It was really neat because we could see the actual synagogue where Jesus taught.  Then we were able to see what they thought was Simon Peter’s home.  In the photos, you see a modern-looking building over some ruins.  This is the church built over the site of an ancient home church.  The assumption is that the older home church was the home of Simon Peter, the very one from our story today.  One of the photos shows the view from the modern church floor down into the home.  It was really neat to be in the Holy Land and have the stories of Jesus come to life.  Read the chapter for today, and then I will see you in my video as I talk about Jesus leaving Capernaum and going out into the world to spread the Good News.  

Mark 1

Reflection Questions:

  1. Where do you pray?  
  2. How can you share the Good News with the world?  
  3. What is your favorite passage of scripture?

So What Activity: 

Commit to finding a quiet place and time to pray each day.  See if you can stick to it all the way to Easter, spending quality time in prayer with God each day.  


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