March 30 – Lenten Devotional

Just a few weeks ago, I preached at Lake Deaton about Jesus healing a woman who had suffered from an illness for 18 years. It was amazing! This woman was instantly healed! Except that not everyone was happy! Jesus healed her on a Sabbath! Jesus had worked on a Sabbath. I mentioned on that message that Jesus really did go around causing trouble. Sometimes, we don’t like people that cause trouble. We want everyone to follow the guidelines. We want everyone to be “nice” and play by the rules. As you read Mark 3 today, you will see that Jesus sometimes challenged the status quo. Even his own family!!! And even more interesting is that he expected his followers to go out and do ministry on their own. They were not to be “observers” only, or listeners, but read carefully v14 “They were to accompany him, and he would send them out to preach.” Wow, these simple, ordinary folks, were supposed to learn from Jesus and then go out preach and heal on their own. Talk about expectations! I would have been filled with fear. “Please Jesus, don’t ask me to follow you,” might have been my response. I might not have been sure I was ready to be “sent.” I also, though, love the part that says they were first to “accompany” him. To me this declares that Jesus would train and equip before he would send them out. People of God don’t be afraid. When Jesus calls, he also equips! Amen!

Mark 3

Reflection Questions: 

  1. What sticks out to you in this chapter? Jesus’ healing… His relationship with his family… and/or his sending of the disciples out to do ministry?
  2. Who are the people God has used to equip you?
  3. Who has encouraged you to go out and serve?

So What Activity: 

This coming up Sunday, April 3, there will be a Healing Service at Lake Deaton UMC at 1:30 p.m. If you know someone who might benefit from Healing prayer, invite them to attend, better yet, come with them.


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