Summer Study – August 9

Read Psalm 107

I am a shy person by nature.  I wouldn’t say I like new experiences either.  Put these two together, and you have a person who gets very uncomfortable when they don’t know how to do something or where to go AND is afraid to ask for help (because I am shy).  Because of this, in my life, I have become entirely self-sufficient.  I will go to great ends to figure something out and know all the tools to do it. 

However, this is not healthy.  We are made to live in community, help, and love each other.  I have learned over time that it is better to ask for help than to get lost or do something wrong.  I might be uncomfortable for a moment, but if I am uncomfortable for that moment (from asking for help), it saves me from a great deal of un-comfort that would come from getting lost or doing something wrong.

In our lives, we must do this same thing with God.  Often, we get lost or go the wrong way because we don’t talk to God.  We get ourselves into all sorts of uncomfortable situations.  The good thing about God is that God is always there to help us, especially when we call for help from our lost places. 

So What Activity: Watch this Bible Project Video to learn more about sin.  Then think of how you are doing with sin in your life. 


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