Summer of Love – August 11

Read 1 Peter 4:8-10

Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.

It is interesting to be back in the classroom.  I can tell you that I am a much different person today than I was when I taught 15 years ago.  I am older, so my back and feet hurt a lot more, but that is not the only thing.  I am much more patient. Something that would have caused me to have a bad day seems like little ripples on the pond.  Kids that would have made me lose my cool, well, to me now, they look like little people who need love. 

As we grow in our love of God, we can’t help but grow in our love for other people.  This is what is happening in my life.  When I look at my 13 students, all I can see is the image of God.  They have all been created beautifully and have so much to give.  I can’t help but have overflowing love for them. 

I hope you also grow in your love of God and those around you.  It will change your life more than you can possibly know. 

So What Activity: When you are out and about today, look at the people around you.  When you look, think…this person is the image of God.  Find ways to love and appreciate all those you come in contact with.   


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