Lenten Study – Friday, February 24

Once again, I believe that Mark was a man of very few words. The passage to read today is very brief and concise and yet it brings out more questions than answers. How is it possible that Jesus just walked to these men, and he asked them, “follow me,” and they left everything on the spot and followed Jesus? I have a feeling that there is more to the story. Gleaning from the other gospels, we know that indeed this was not the first encounter they had with Jesus. We know that they had heard this rabbi teaching and they had seen him with John the Baptist. Mark, however, just goes to the point. Jesus called them and they followed. I believe that is one of things we will observe with Mark. In the first few chapters, Jesus’ identity is being established. Who is this guy that men leave what they are doing on the spot and follow him? That is one of the intriguing questions that will be answered throughout this gospel.

That question will be presented to us as well, who do you say Jesus is? The answer needs to not be a theoretical one. It needs to be an experiential one. The answer to that question is the one that motivates us to leave what we are doing on the spot and follow him. Are you intrigued by this Jesus? Come on, leave what you are doing and follow him!

Scripture: Mark 1:16-20

Prayer: Jesus, I choose to follow your Way of Peace. Lead me to one person that I can love, give hope, and bring your peace to today. Amen!


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