Lenten Study – Saturday, March 25

I grew up in a home where I had nearly everything I wanted.  I always had new clothes, I was given a brand-new car when I turned 16, and my parents took us on fantastic vacations every summer.  We had a home in Ocala and a home on the lake.  There was also a time when we had a cabin in North Carolina.   When I decided to marry Toby, though, the new clothes, family vacations, and fancy houses disappeared.  Suddenly, I couldn’t just buy the things I wanted.  We had to save for everything.  We had to eat our leftovers because there was no money for food.  However, we were young and in love, and these things seemed to matter little.    

As the years of our marriage passed by, we had children, Toby started his own business, and finances improved.  I became used to being able to buy the things I wanted again.  I enjoyed having things.  Then there was a downturn in the economy, and suddenly, Toby wasn’t bringing home any money; it was either to pay us or keep the company from going bankrupt.  We had to live on my beginning teacher’s salary.  About six months into this tightening of our belts, I wanted something new, and Toby said, no, we could not afford it, and I broke down and cried big tears.  Toby was not having it; he did not grow up in a house where he was given everything he wanted.  He told me to suck it up and to remember that we had a roof over our heads, food on the table, and our two wonderful children and each other, of course.  He said those things should be enough, and I should be happy and thankful.

Since that day, I have worked hard to be happy and content with what I have.  In times of plenty, I am beyond thankful and in lean times, I remember sitting there crying over a thing that I could not have and how spoiled I was being.  This memory helps me remember and focus on the things I have that are truly priceless, my relationships and my God. 

Mark 10:17-31

The Way of Peace Prayer: Jesus, I choose to follow your Way of Peace.  Lead me to one person that I can love, give hope, and bring your peace today. 

Blessings – Kristyne

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